The pattern used for the Santa wall hanging in the header is by Cheri Payne and is called "Folksy Christmas".

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Catch-Up After Thanksgiving

My hopes of having a turkey wall hanging finished before Thanksgiving vanished but I have kept working on them.  First up is a quilt top made from Jan Patek's "Blessings" pattern.  The pattern is in her book "When Wild Geese Fly".  The applique is done needle turn method.

The second top completed is from Cheri Payne's "Ever Thankful" pattern which is one of her newer patterns on her website.  Done in wool applique on cotton.

I have two blocks of four done for a third turkey wall hanging.  The design I am using is by Buttermilk Basin.  The pattern is "Give Thanks".  I am making a smaller size version of the pattern.  Wool applique on cotton.

I have been making some Christmas gifts and cannot share those just yet.  Busy, busy, busy!

Michelle Huddleston......you have left me some very nice comments but you are a no-reply blogger.  Would love to reply to you.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Bountiful Life Update

Another block done for the "Bountiful Life" quilt.  I think the table with apples and vase is one of the very recognizeable blocks from the quilt along with the bride block.

I recently found a magazine rack at a thrift store and thought it might work to display some smaller size quilts.  I haven't filled it all the way yet.

A previous magazine rack purchase at the same store works a little better.  I just need to sort through the quilt cabinets and pull out more smaller size quilts.

I am working on three small wall hangings for Thanksgiving but am not going to be able to finish more than one. I am working on turkeys.  One is a Cheri pattern, one a Jan Patek design, and one a Buttermilk Basin design.   I also am starting on some small Christmas projects.  So most of the applique blocks for ongoing quilt projects are on hold.  A busy time of year!


Monday, November 14, 2016

Old Voices New Impressions Flimsy

It took two quilt holder people to hold up my completed quilt top "Old Voices New Impressions".  A visitor today so I was able to take a picture for my blog.  The blocks are from Jeana Kimball's book by that name.  The block designs were enlarged from the original size.  I would not mind using some of the block designs in a second quilt of some sort.  I like the folk art look of some of them.

I enjoyed stitching the applique blocks very much.  They were all fairly easy to do.  I am often asked what method of applique I use.  I do needleturn.  I trace the applique shapes to freezer paper, cut them out, and iron onto the selected fabrics.  Trace around the shape with a Sew-line pencil in either white or pink.  Cut out leaving a turn under seam allowance.  I like to have the design traced onto the background so I have placement markings.  Pin a shape in place and stitch.  I use a straw needle and 100% cotton thread in either Mettler 60 wt. thread or DMC 50 weight.

I have another set of blocks that are from other Jeana Kimball and Laurene Sinema designs.  I have not started the border applique process and probably will not until next year.


Monday, November 7, 2016

Jo's Variety Medallion

I completed the large block for the center of a quilt called "Jo's Variety Medallion".  The pattern is found in Jo Morton's "For All Seasons" book.  There is still much work left to do on making the rest of the quilt.

I started on another block for the "A Bountiful Life" quilt I am working on.  This is the design that has the table with a fringed table cloth and apples sitting on it.

Enjoy your day and take time to stitch a little.



Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Second Hand Rose

I have taken a break from the long term block of the month quilt blocks that I am working on to make a Jo Morton design called "Second Hand Rose".  I just added the borders to the quilt top and pinned it up on the design wall for a photo.

I used some Jo Morton fabrics and others from stash.  The paisley border style print is a Minnick and Simpson piece.  The black border pieces with the houses is a Jan Patek fabric.  All came from stash except the paisley.  It was not one that could be mitered to make a pretty design in the corners so I went with a more prim style look.

The pattern is in Jo Morton's "Remembrances" book.

There is a second quilt pattern in  the book that strikes my fancy and that is the pink and brown one in the lower left corner.  It would be a 36 inch square quilt.  I have to think about it a bit before plunging in to another new project.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shenandoah Update Plus More

I am late posting my block for the Shenandoah Botanical quilt even though it has been done for a couple weeks.  This block is titled "King's Crown".  It has been a year since the sew-along started.  I have not counted how many blocks are left to stitch but still several to go.

The next block is pretty far along in the stitching process but I am not happy with it.  Looks much too busy.  I have to re-think the block as to how to correct the problem.

Another "Beyond the Cherry Trees" block is done.  It has a busy look but I can go with the flow on this one.

I recently purchased a regular foot pedal for using with my Singer Featherweight machines (I have three).  I don't care for the pedals that come with the machines.  Just a square button to push on and it hurts my toes after a while.  This is a blurry picture but you can see the standard pedal that comes with the machines.

And here is the new pedal.  Much easier on my foot.

I have step one done of Lori's Madder mystery quilt sew-along.  Madder is a rusty sort of color and popular during the Civil War.

That's all for today.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Baby Emma Block and More

I have been working on long term quilt projects and needed a break from them.  The colors of fall are among my favorite so a fall color wall hanging is what I decided to work on.  I am using Jo Morton's "Baby Emma" pattern.  She designed a large applique quilt named "Emma" and has used the applique design in making a wall hanging size piece.  This is the center block for the quil and will be trimmed to 16" square.  Needle turn applique method.  I still need to cut out the surrounding pieced border parts.

I have another block done for the "Beyond the Cherry Trees" quilt I am working on.  It is very similar to a previous block.  On this one, the center section is blank and is to have a quilting design in that section.

I am heading back to the sewing room.